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Artist Statement

In my artistic journey, I delve into the intricate tapestry of migration bodies and borderlands, aiming to illuminate not only our interactions and responses with our environment but also the shared narrative of marginalized communities particularly those of people of color. Through a fusion of diverse materials, including different clay bodies, bicycle parts and mimicking of land topography, I confront and address the multifaceted challenges of legitimacy, accessibility, immigrant status and inclusivity within the framework of public spaces. The incorporation of Ghanaian cultural trade beads and patterns, serves as both my cultural anchor and a means of navigating the complex web of migration across the diaspora which is profound way of representation and commitment for a collective reflection.

In grappling with my own fear of cultural invasion and the validity of my immigration status, I find solace in the strength in the transformative power of artistic experimentation. Through my art, I seek to alter my trajectory, challenging and subverting established notions as I reclaim ownership of my own narrative. Each piece in my body of work becomes a celebration of individual and cultural resilience, showcasing the vibrant contribution of migrant communities and affirming the identities of artist of color within the broader artistic landscape. As I navigate the fluid terrain of identity and belonging, I embrace the concept of the ”floating body” as a metaphor for agency and resilience. Material experimentation becomes a tool for morphing and evolving representations, providing me with a firm hold on my identity as I traverse cultural and geographical boundaries with confidence and purpose.